Unit Two – Name Canvas

Assignment Criteria
Find random objects that resemble the letters to spell out your name. Edit those images to the same height and place all on one canvas.

Name Canvas

Description of each letter:

K – This is some sort of hanging object that is in my parent’s house. I like the design of it because my parent’s house if very vintage, which I would argue is a part of my style of victorian era decor at times.
E – this is a window that is on my front porch. The front porch is my escape area, so the porch has a lot of significance to me where this photo was taken.
N – this is from an ornament that I have on display in my room that says ‘SNL’ that I got from New York. I am a huge Saturday Night Live fan, so the ornament that this ‘n’ is from has a lot of significance to me.
N – this is an image of three of my favorite movies that are stacked in a shape of the letter.
A – this is a roundish hanging bulb that houses one of my air plants. Plants, succulents and air plants are some of my hobbies that I enjoy taking care of and having around my room.


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