Photo Story Description

Assignment Criteria:
A full description of the photo story you intend to present at the end of Unit 4.  Include a list of at least five photographs you intend to take for this story, describing the “stage directions” in detail – how will you compose them, how close, color, b&w, etc. If you have an early pictures at this point, feel free to include some. Due 6/30

The Photo Story project subject that I intend to focus on is my father, whom is an artist that focuses on watercolor, pen & ink, and acrylics. I plan on focusing most of all of my photos on the composition of him at work on several art pieces that he is currently working on, along with taking some up close photographs of his work in detail.

I want to focus on capturing him in his element of art making. I probably won’t transform the photos into black and white, as I want to be able to focus on all of the different pencil, watercolor and acrylic paint colors he uses to bring his artwork to life. I want to be able to play with some back light shadows, as I will be capturing the photos in our garage where his artwork station is. Playing with shadows and dark background lighting will help focus on him as the artist and the artwork he is making during the shoot, and draw attention away from the garage background noise of items.

I also plan on taking a short interview of him, focusing on why he enjoys making the specific artwork of style that he does of cowboys, indians, forrest scenes, mountain ranges, barns, using cloth, ect., and how it connects back to his home roots of Salt Lake City, Utah.


Photographer Research Project

Peter Turnley

Peter Turnley


Peter Turnley

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Peter Turnley is a renown photographer known for his photography of realities of the human condition.
A graduate from University of Michigan, the Sorbonne of Paris, and the Institut d’Etudes Politues of Paris, Turnley has also received Honorary Doctorate degrees from the NEw School of Social Research in New York and St. Francis College in Fort Wayne, Indiana. he has also received a Nieman Fellowship from Harvard in the academic year 2000-2001.
His photographs have been featured on the cover of Newsweek 43 times, and has worked in over 90 countries. He currently has published seven books of his work, with four of them co-published with his twin brother, David Turnley.
He gives credit to Henri Cartier-Breeson and photographers that use photography as a form of public service like Dorothea Lange, Lewis Hine, Jacob Riis, and Eugene Smith as being his photographic inspiration and influence.
He currently resides in Paris and New York, teaching photography workshops on street photography and the photo-essay in Paris, Cuba, New York, Mumbai, Venice, Sicily, and Lisbon.

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Peter Turnley's Photography

Brasserie De I’Isle Saint-Lois, 1993 by Peter Turnley